The following documents and forms are available for your convenience.  These are pdf forms that can be filled in by downloading and typing in the form and returning via email to: [email protected]  Call the office at 281-516-9910 if you have any questions.

Coventry Bylaws:  These are the governing guidelines that explain how Coventry operates in regard to the business and affairs of the Association.

Coventry Deed Restrictions:  This document explains the rules & limitations within Coventry regarding use of property, maintenance, improvements, etc.

Architectural Request Form:  According to Coventry’s Bylaws & Deed Restrictions , approval is required when changes or additions are made to a homeowner’s property.  This serves to establish and preserve a harmonious design for a community and to protect the value of the property.  When you buy into a community association, right or wrong, you must understand that you have opted for community living. Decisions cannot be unilaterally made, nor can the rules and regulations of the association be unilaterally ignored.   One might disagree with the need for external uniformity, for example, but the fact remains that if the association documents require such external uniformity, that is the law of the association and is binding on its members. You should read your association documents carefully, to learn the scope and purpose of the architectural review team.

Paypal Information:  Coventry HOA has set up this service to allow homeowners to pay annual dues via credit card through Paypal.  For those interested, please send email request to [email protected]   An invoice will then be sent to your email address with instructions how to make payment.   It is a very safe, secure and easy process.  Please note there is an $8.28 handling fee added to your invoice to use this service.